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Why should you choose Root Solutions?

1. education

We have always been focused on doing things the best way possible. Most importantly, we have focused on doing business "the right way," always putting the customer's needs ahead of our profit margin. We are only interested in work that allows us to do the right thing for our customers, ourselves, and our community. This means that education and training of employees is our number one concern. We are only interested in employees that are self-motivated and enjoy learning about their field of expertise. Additionally, that education needs to be passed on to users, customers, and students. We like to think that we not only help people find solutions but that we teach them how to choose the right solution for themselves, even when it means that they may choose to use a different company.

2. human attention

We have several years of training and education in counseling. This experience has given us the opportunity to be thinking, feeling, human beings interested in solving problems that humans have working with computers. Computer security will always fall to its weakest link, and to date that link is the humans that have to use our solutions. We are very focused on providing solutions that work with the behavioral patterns of human beings. Security measures and user interfaces we impose that conflict with human nature are bound to fail.

3. flexibility

We leverage our ability with computers in general to be able to answer or learn the solution to any challenges we are faced with. We like to approach every problem with the experience that comes with solving similar problems and with an outlook as if a solution doesn't already exist. This way, we don't lose what history has taught, and we don't miss an opportunity to do things better just because we are fixed on using an old solution to a new problem.

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